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A vibrant global network of thinkers and believers

Technology and innovation remain at the heart of our endeavours. Our true strength is in our spirited community members, who recognise the potential of decentralisation and have become a critical part of our global operations.

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DeFi gives you the freedom and complete control over your finances, join our journey and be a part of this revolution.


Be a part of the future

At TeraBlock, we are revolutionising how people interact with DeFi by building the most innovative yet simple, unified and decentralised platform.

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TeraBlock strives to create transparent and non-exclusive channels of communication to encourage discussions. Be a part of our journey.

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Follow our social media channels to stay updated about the latest developments, market trends, best practices, learn about basic concepts of Blockchain and more.

Rewards Program

TeraBlock rewards incentivise the community to acquire, utilise and stake TBC.

What is TeraBlock Reward?

Staking plays an integral part in the growth of the ecosystem and the stability of our native token, TBC. TeraBlock Rewards is a unique program to incentivise the community to stake TBC tokens. Users earn three types of rewards when they stake TBC tokens in TeraBlock's TBC staking pools.

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Types of Rewards

Here are the different types of rewards we are offering under TeraBlock Rewards program


Save on fees

Avail discounts as high as 40% on transaction fees across the TeraBlock ecosystem. Fee discount percentage is based on the total amount of TBC staked.

Payback rewards

Earn rewards in the form of TBC tokens. A percentage of the fees collected on the TeraBlock ecosystem is distributed amongst TBC stakers as payback rewards.

Exclusive access

Get exclusive access to our upcoming innovative products, events and more with TeraBlock Rewards.

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program plays an essential role in making DeFi accessible to the masses. It comes with several perks and benefits.

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Priority access to products

Assess and evaluate TeraBlock's products first-hand alongside the team.



Earn TBC tokens through exclusive airdrops and contests.


Result based bonuses

Meeting targets increases your earning potential being a TeraBlock Ambassador.


Networking opportunities

Meet and work alongside the TeraBlock team, partners and industry-leading influencers.


Latest developments and updates

Be the first one to know about the latest company developments and updates.

Connect with the global community

Getting in touch has never been easier! Contact us on any of our channels to start the conversation.


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TeraBlock’s services are neither investment advise, nor financial planning or tax advisory. Past performance of any advise, does not guarantee future results, and the likelihood of investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature. Services of TeraBlock may not be construed as an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to transact in Digital assets in jurisdictions where TeraBlock is not registered.

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