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The wiser way to invest in crypto assets

TeraBlock is a truly decentralised platform that gives you the knowledge, tools, and support to transition to a decentralised Web3 economy easily

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Wiser investments today for a better tomorrow

Start today on a simplified, optimised, decentralised platform; we're here to help you invest wisely in the crypto ecosystem.

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Designed to provide an exceedingly simple user journey, the TeraBlock ecosystem can be used by everyone regardless of knowledge and skill level.



We curate and optimise the most sought after crypto assets as CoinLists, so you can wisely invest in a range of crypto with ease.



TeraBlock platform is truly decentralised. You have complete custody of your funds at all times. We simply help you effectively manage your crypto wisely.

Build your long-term crypto portfolio with CoinsList

CoinsList is a set and forget approach to investing in Cryptocurrencies. Set your financial goals and let your money work for you.

CoinsList is our carefully selected portfolio of cryptocurrencies that reflects a theme, idea or goal. It exposes you to the most sought-after cryptocurrencies without requiring you to invest time and effort in learning about them.

Our aim with CoinsList is to help you become an informed investor, no matter how much or how little you want to invest. CoinsList empowers you with simplified investments and helps you realise your financial goals from our easy-to-use unified platform.

Long term investing is the key to sustainable crypto wealth

Slide the coin and see how your crypto could have grown over time with systematic and periodic investing

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A portfolio of dynamic crypto ecosystem.

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The chart compares the past five-year performance of High Capitalisation CoinsList and savings bank account with an interest rate of 0.07% yearly. Investing in cryptocurrencies involves the risk of loss, and performance is not guaranteed.

Smart investing with CoinsList

Follow a guided step-by-step process to build your crypto portfolio with CoinsList in under 15mins.



Create Web3 wallet

Follow simple step-by-step guided process to create a new Web3 wallet or connect an existing wallet.

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Select CoinsList

We curate and optimise the most sought after crypto assets as CoinList, so you can wisely invest in a range of crypto with ease.

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Buy with a bank card

Buy directly to your Web3 wallet through more than 16 payment accepted methods in 180 countries.

Buy crypto straight into your Web3 wallet!

Purchase a range of cryptocurrencies securely to your web3 wallet with over 16 payment methods in 180 countries!

























What makes TeraBlock better?

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Investing made simple

The simplest one-stop decentralised finance (DeFi) platform to help you benefit from the cryptocurrency revolution.


Complete Portfolio Overview

Track multiple wallets across blockchains and get a unified overview of your entire Web3 wealth with the wallet manager.

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Easily Buy Crypto

Purchase a range of cryptocurrencies directly to your web3 wallet with over 16 payment methods in 180 countries.


Multichain Swap

Innovative multichain liquidity aggregator to help you easily exchange your crypto assets at the best rates in the market across blockchains.



Multi-protocol automation to help you easily navigate through the complexities of Defi.



We don't track your data or cross-associate wallets. We do not store your private keys or seed phrase.

non custodial


Nobody can suspend your wallet, freeze your money, or stop your transactions. You are always in control of your crypto!


0% advisory fees

Keep more money in your portfolio with no advisory fee, only the fees associated with trading expenses.



Smart contracts are independently audited by leading cybersecurity firms.

Learn the essentials

Learn crypto through simple explanations, guides, tutorials, and market updates

Stay updated on the latest TeraBlock news

Frequently asked questions

DeFi or Decentralised finance, manages financial transactions using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. By displacing centralised institutions with peer-to-peer networks that can offer the whole range of financial services, from standard banking, loans, and mortgages, to complex contractual arrangements and asset trading, DeFi seeks to democratise finance.

Today's Centralised Finance
Nearly all banking, lending, and trading facets are now controlled by centralised systems run by authorities and gatekeepers. To access anything from loans and mortgages to trading stocks and bonds, regular consumers must interact with a variety of financial middlemen. Consumers are unable to avoid middlemen like banks, exchangers, and lenders who profit from each financial and banking transaction by taking a cut.

Decentralised Finance Is The New Way
By liberating common people through peer-to-peer trades and disarming intermediaries and gatekeepers, DeFi undermines the current centralised financial system.DeFi gives average people access to the essential components of the financial activity currently done by banks, exchanges, and insurers, such as lending, borrowing, and trading.

The Technology
Decentralised finance is made possible by key technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Your banking transaction history is kept in a private ledger, which is owned and controlled by a financial institution when you make a transaction in your bank account. Blockchain is a distributed, decentralised public ledger where digital records of financial transactions are kept public. Any party utilising a DeFi application has access to the Blockchain public ledger.

Giving users anonymity, payment verification, and a record of asset ownership that is (almost) impossible to change through fraudulent conduct, this secures the system.

Blockchain is decentralised as no mediator or gatekeeper is overseeing the system. By resolving challenging math problems and adding fresh blocks of transactions to the chain, parties utilising the same blockchain can verify and record transactions. This makes financial transactions safer and more transparent than the private, secretive systems used in centralised finance.

DeFi gives the power of finance back to ordinary people.

TeraBlock helps you navigate the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) world by consolidating every step of your Defi Journey into a single experience.

TeraBlock is the simplest way to invest in Defi. From learning the fundamentals of blockchain to discovering new assets, building your portfolio in under 15mins, conducting trades, efficiently managing your Web3 wallet and much more, TeraBlock helps you invest wisely in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

TeraBlock assists you in several ways, regardless of whether you are directly transitioning from the realm of traditional finance, making the switch from centralised exchanges, or either.

Build your crypto portfolio in under 15mins

The blockchain-based version of the internet is known as Web3. Decentralisation is one of the fundamental tenets of the internet generation. Additionally, Web3 aims to provide internet users more authority and control over their data. A Web3 wallet is simply a digital wallet to store cryptocurrencies. It is a tool for accessing the web3 economy, allowing users to interact with decentralised applications (dapps).

In a non-custodial Web3 wallet, the owner can store cryptocurrencies themselves without the aid of a third party. It simply means that the wallet's owner has complete control over the funds. Additionally, the lack of a third party eliminates the requirement for KYC/AML, protecting the confidentiality and anonymity of wallet owners.

A Web3 wallet comes with unique private keys or seed phrases used to access the wallet. The owner of a Web3 wallet is responsible for keeping the wallet secure.

MetaMask is an excellent example of a non-custodial Web3 wallet service provider.

Get started with the step-by-step process and create your own non-custodial Web3 wallet for free in under 10mins!

Token name: TeraBlock
Token Ticker: TBC
Total supply: 400,000,000
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Type: BEP-20
Listings: CoinMarketCap | CoinGecko

TeraBlock DeFi Ecosystem is powered by the TeraBlock token (TBC) as its native asset. The TBC token functions as the primary utility inside the TeraBlock Ecosystem and offers discounts and exclusive access to TeraBlock products and services.

Utilities Trading Fee Discounts across the TeraBlock Platform Paid out as Rewards through the multiple reward mechanisms Gives exclusive access to TeraBlock events TBC Token Staking with Rewards Program

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TeraBlock is not a broker, financial institution or intermediary and is in no way your agent, advisor, or custodian. TeraBlock is not FDIC insured and does not give any Bank guarantee. You acknowledge, understand, agree, and assume the risks involved in transacting in digital assets, you may lose value. Before transacting, consider your investment objectives, TeraBlock’s charges and expenses. TeraBlock is a non-custodial platform. TeraBlock cannot initiate a transfer of any of your cryptocurrency or digital assets or otherwise access your digital assets.

TeraBlock’s services are neither investment advise, nor financial planning or tax advisory. Past performance of any advise, does not guarantee future results, and the likelihood of investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature. Services of TeraBlock may not be construed as an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to transact in Digital assets in jurisdictions where TeraBlock is not registered.

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TeraBlock has no fiduciary relationship or obligation to you regarding any decisions or activities that you affect in connection with your use of the Services. Unless explicitly provided in writing, TeraBlock does not host or maintain ecosystem partners accessible on our Services, do not participate in any transactions on such ecosystem partners’ platforms, and TeraBlock does not recommend, endorse, or otherwise take a position on your use of these services.