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Defining the Future of Crypto-Commerce

A diversified crypto ecosystem to help you optimize your holdings.

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In the short time since the inception of crypto, the market has seen some dramatic rallies, bringing the world's attention to this game-changing asset class.

Since most crypto assets are still in an exceedingly nascent stage, their prices are subject to extraordinary volatility. Therefore, investing in crypto comes with its risks. At TeraBlock, we wish to bring the potential of crypto to everyone.

We have developed purpose-built products to help our users retain and optimize their assets most securely and systematically to keep up with the fast-evolving global crypto market.

Shivam Tandon
TeraBlock Founder & CEO

Innovating Cryptocurrency Commerce

  • Diversified Trading Ecosystem

    A fully decentralized ecosystem to help users optimize & retain their crypto by using a suite of intuitive DeFi product offerings such as TeraBlock Co-op farms, our novel NFT marketplace and Trade Automation.

  • Gain Confidence in a New Asset Class

    Being new to digital assets can be intimidating in a market where big price swings and extreme volatility can downgrade your entire portfolio in minutes. Our products are designed to help you maximise returns while managing risk.

  • Simplest way to Manage Crypto

    Products built to on-ramp newbies into the Crypto ecosystem. Now you can manage your crypto with a few simple clicks and start earning via TeraBlock Co-op farms or Trade Automation.

  • Let us do the work for you

    Not a pro? Not a problem! Our intuitive DeFi protocols & Trade Automation are just the right products you need to navigate like a pro. Plug-and-play like mechanism allows you to connect your wallet and start interacting with products that earn you rewards without worrying about market volatility.

TeraBlock TBC Token

TBC token powers the TeraBlock Ecosystem. It acts as a multi-purpose utility token, offers discounted fees for network participants and will be the reserve currency for the TeraBlock NFT marketplace.

Furthermore, TeraBlock native staking pool & the launch of TeraBlock Co-operative farms will offer TBC holders rewards by participating in TBC staking or high yield Co-op farming pools.

  • Ignites the TeraBlock Ecosystem
  • Used as network fees
  • TBC native staking
  • Supports TeraBlock Co-operative Farms
  • Stakers earn a share of the network fees (Coming Soon)
  • Governance Rights (Coming Soon)
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000
  • Binance Smart Chain native token
  • 5000+ Holders

MultiChain Bridge

TeraBlock Cross-chain bridge is a robust decentralized bridging platform to bridge your assets between any blockchains with a focus on security. Our multi-layered security and dual setup approach means integration between blockchains becomes efficient and seamless. Easily transfer your assets between blockchains using a simple user-friendly and modern interface.

  • Simplest user interface
  • Fast transactions and secure contracts
  • Low transaction fees
  • Transparent on-chain transaction broadcasting
  • Fast and multi-layered integration to any blockchain
  • Multi-asset and multi-chain bridging
  • Dual setup functionality, both mint/burn and lock/unlock

Co-operative Farms

Earn jaw dropping yields by staking your tokens on the TeraBlock farms. Farm and earn on the most disruptive farming protocol in DeFi. TeraBlock Farms offer the simplest way for users to stake their crypto in a few simple clicks. With flexible and secure farming options you can choose a farm to suit you.

  • Fully decentralized, your keys your crypto!
  • Top grade security, our contracts are fully audited
  • No fixed lock-ups, unstake at anytime
  • Real-time rewards distribution, claim rewards at any time
  • Earn competitive yields, make your crypto work for you!
  • Fast and easy pool setup process
  • Flexible farming options
  • Select farms from a wide range of blockchains
  • No hidden fees or miscalculations, earn the rewards you’re shown

NFT Marketplace

A breakthrough peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to create, list, sell and purchase NFTs, digital collectibles, and artworks. The only NFT marketplace where your NFTs are secured through our unique TeraBlock Price Protection mechanism. Buy NFTs with peace of mind knowing your NFTs are safeguarded against downside risk.

  • NFT marketplace made simpler
  • Building trust in the metaverse
  • The credible canvas for creators and collectors
  • Collectors of fine art are on the rise today
  • Discover, collect, and sell extraordinary NFTs
  • Set up your private wallet
  • Mint and list your NFTs for sale
  • Get your NFTs secured from market volatility
  • Ultra-low premiums for insuring your NFTs
  • Easily turn your digital content (file types like JPEGs,PNGs, MP4s, PDFs, etc.) into digital items (NFTs) that go live on the blockchain
  • Make bids and purchases on digital items history

Trade Automation

TeraBlock’s autonomous trading mechanisms are engineered to navigate through volatile markets and generate micro returns that accumulate into larger returns to the long haul. The automated trading mechanism makes autonomous decisions related to buying and selling of crypto assets based on pre-configured entry and exit signals.

  • Powerful forecasting mechanism with fine-tuned algorithms
  • Predetermined thresholds for purchase and sale
  • Use of predictive techniques like linear regression and artificial neural networks
  • In-built prognostic mechanism to identify low-risk trading strategies
  • Thorough analysis of the prevailing market conditions
  • Portfolio rebalancing to maintain users’ risk level
  • Robust risk management mechanism to find suitable exit points
  • Protection against market volatility

Our Powerful all inclusive Dashboard

Your journey to financial independence starts here! Our all-inclusive dashboard is packed with powerful DeFi protocols to help you optimize your assets.

The simplified UI/UX navigates you through the TeraBlock ecosystem. Whether you want to bridge your assets across multiple blockchains, earn those mind-blowing yields through staking & farming or enter the metaverse of NFTs to become an NFT pro, our dashboard takes you everywhere!

One-Stop Solution

A comprehensive crypto ecosystem that allows you to retain and optimize your crypto assets.

Secure and Accountable

Our smart contracts have been extensively audited by Hacken for system vulnerabilities and security problems.

Simplified UI

Simple, user-driven, and responsive interface that lets you access your crypto within seconds.


TeraBlock is a non-restrictive and radically decentralized ecosystem that helps you optimize your investments in a secure way.


We strive to create an inclusive, transparent, and trustworthy ecosystem of stakeholders where members can engage in open discourse about our products.

Robust & Scalable

We employ the best talent and technology in the market to create sustainable and long-term products.


Featuring sophisticated and professional DeFi tools, TeraBlock ecosystem is designed to help novice traders optmize their investments through tried and tested strategies.

Rewards Driven

We make sure our community gets rewarded in the most efficient manner. Our staking & farming protocols help our users earn juicy yields by staking their TBC Tokens.



Quarter 1 - 2017

Research and development

Quarter 4 - 2017

Fully Automated Alts/BTC trading launched on Telegram


Quarter 1 - 2018

Ambassadors Program launched

Quarter 2 - 2018

SpotTrader launched

Quarter 4 - 2018

Machine Learning research and development


Quarter 3 - 2019

TorqueAI 4.0 Launched

TitusAI 1.0 Launched

TorqueAI 5.0 launched


Quarter 1 - 2020

Trading App 2.0 launched

TitusAI 3.0 launched

Quarter 3 - 2021

Blockchain Founders Fund ScaleX accelerator program on-boarding

Quarter 1

TeraBlock Ideation

Research and development

Binance Cloud Partnership Initiation

TBC Token White-paper Release

Strategic Token Sale

Quarter 2

Private Token Sale

TBC Token Generation on BSC and ETH Chains

Public IDO on BSCPAD

TBC listing on PancakeSwap (BSC) and UniSwap (ETH)

TBC listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

TBC Listing on TrustWallet, 1Inch, Blockfolio, and LunarCRUSH

Binance Agreement Signoff

TeraBlock Spanish Community Chat

TBC Token Vesting Contract Deployment

Unifarm Multicoin Staking (ETH and BSC)

Quarter 3

5,351,919 TBC Tokens Burn Event

New TBC Token Smart Contracts deployment on BSC and ETH

New $TBC Tokens Airdrop to all holders

TBC trading migration to PancakeSwap (BSC)

Doubling the Liquidity on PancakeSwap (BSC)

TeraBlock Bridge - TBC Cross-chain bridge between ETH and BSC

Quarter 4

TBC listing on (formerly

TeraBlock multi-chain bridge (ETH, BSC, HIVE)

Quarter 1

TBC Listed on HitBTC

TeraBlock Bridge

TeraBlock Bridge Launched

Bridge Partnership BadDays - MNFT

Polygon chain integration

HIVE chain integration

TeraBlock Bridge integration in Splinterlands game

Splinterlands collaboration to take DeFi gaming to new heights

TBC tokens buy back launched

Quarter 2

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program Launched

TeraBlock Bridge

TeraBlock - Splinterlands Bridge Transactions Speed reduction

75% Reduction in Fees for TeraBlock - Splinterlands Bridge Transactions

5 million TBC bought back from the market

2 billion tokens transferred on TeraBlock Bridge

5,000 users transacted on TeraBlock Platform

TeraBlock 24/7 Support

TeraBlock 24/7 Support Launched

TeraBlock Earn

TeraBlock Earn Launched

TeraBlock Earn: $TBC Staking Pool One got filled in less than an hour

TeraBlock Earn: $TBC Staking Pool Two got filled in less than three hours

TeraBlock Earn: $TBC Staking Pool Three launched

TeraBlock Rewards

TeraBlock Rewards Program Launched


TeraBlock Dashboard

TeraBlock Assets Management Dashboard

TeraBlock Buy

TeraBlock Fiat to Crypto on-ramp

TeraBlock Swidge

TeraBlock Swidge: Swap + Bridge

TeraBlock Swap

TeraBlock Swap Launch

TeraBlock Earn

TeraBlock Liquidity Staking

TeraBlock Guide

TeraBlock Guide Launch

Meet Our Team

We’re led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges unlocking great creativity around every turn.

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