CoinsList is our carefully selected portfolio of cryptocurrencies that reflects a theme, idea or goal.

Redefining how you invest in Cryptocurrencies

Build your diversified long-term crypto portfolio in under 10mins!

CoinsList is our carefully selected portfolio of cryptocurrencies that reflects a theme, idea or goal. It exposes you to the most sought-after cryptocurrencies without requiring you to invest time and effort in learning about them.

Our aim with CoinsList is to help you become an informed investor, no matter how much or how little you want to invest. CoinsList empowers you with simplified investments and helps you realise your financial goals from our easy-to-use unified platform.

Simplified Investing

Invest in multiple cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks. There is no prior knowledge required due to our learning-based approach of onboarding.

Be in Control

CoinsList is fully decentralised and non-custodial so your funds are always in your control.

Don't just Buy; Invest!

CoinsList is a set and forget approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. CoinsList helps you Invest with a long-term view of building wealth.

Popular CoinsList

Looking to start with small investment? Bullish on Metaverse? Choose from diversified CoinsList.

High Capitalisation

A portfolio of high capitalization cryptocurrencies.

Min. Amount


5Yr. APR



A portfolio of cryptocurrencies revolutionising Metaverse ecosystem.

Min. Amount


2Yr. APR



A portfolio of leading cryptocurrencies of Play-to-Earn games.

Min. Amount


2Yr. APR



A portfolio of innovative businesses in DeFi ecosystem.

Min. Amount


2Yr. APR


How does it work?

Follow a guided three steps process to build your diversified crypto portfolio in under 10mins!



Create Web3 wallet

Follow simple step-by-step guided process to create a new Web3 wallet or connect an existing wallet.




Buy accepted cryptocurrencies through convenient payment methods or select from your existing funds.



CoinsList Selection

After one-click CoinsList selection and funds allocation, our Web3 multi-protocol automation will buy and transfer cryptocurrencies to your wallet on the respective blockchain.

Easy, quick and diversified investment for you

Long-term investment portfolios designed by experts

Buy multiple cryptocurrencies in 1 click

Place orders for multiple cryptocurrencies in 1 click as CoinsList and save time.

Track CoinsList

Track and manage seamlessly with a real-time value on a multi-protocol unified platform.

Invest regularly with SIPs

Start a SIP on your CoinsList for every week, month, or quarter to invest systematically.

0% Advisory fee

Keep more money in your portfolio with no advisory fee, only the fees associated with trading expenses.

Low investment amount

Start small budget investment for $100.

Frequently asked questions

In a CoinsList, you can purchase and begin a SIP with only one click. While purchasing the CoinsList, you will notice a button to begin SIP. On the due date, we'll give you a platform-based notification and an email as a reminder; all you have to do is confirm your payment, and you're done. SIP prices begin at only $100!

Rebalancing is the process of checking a CoinsList's cryptocurrency holdings to make sure it still reflects the underlying original concept. In order to unbiasedy select the most appropriate cryptocurrencies, it takes into account fundamental variables, business updates, etc.

According to its schedule, the CoinsList research team performs rebalancing. You will receive an email when a CoinsList you invested in has a rebalance update; it is not an automatic procedure. In two clicks, you can check the changes and make the update.

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