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The importance for Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is growing worldwide due to the opportunity it presents today on the World Wide Web with the ever-increasing cost of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. Any expert that tells you that they know exactly how Google’s ranking works and/or guarantees that you’ll get into the top spots (for a fee, of course) is being less than truthful. That person may use some unethical practices and will do more harm than good in the long term. There are, however proven techniques which have worked wonders for our clients. We offer real solutions that work.

Terablock likes to focus on what the core of the business is first before diving into any form of web marketing campaign. Not all businesses are alike and we understand that. Our “Media Everywhere” services are the core to Terablock marketing. We have four core marketing tactics that give effective and positive results by getting you more customers.

Media Everywhere four keys:

  • Social: Let’s find you new customers. It is as simple as that. Maybe Twitter is not the right service to promote for your business, maybe it is a localized forum of people that are interested in a product you produce.
  • Mobile: Nielsen reports smartphone sales accounting for 28% of the US mobile phone market in Q3 2010, and expects smartphones to become the majority by the end of 2011. The PC browser is no longer the standard for browsing, buying,  or selling.
  • Local: Let the people in your area really know who you are. Promoting your business or product to a new market which you live in really feels good. Let’s get you localized!
  • Global: When we say “global” we mean one thing, getting you more customers. Your next best customer could be half way around the globe!

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